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ICWA Job Application

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1 ICWA Job Application on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:25 am


When you sign up fill out the following information about your character using this template.

Name: The name of your superstar/vixxen.
Height: How tall is your character?
Weight: How much does your character weigh?
Age: How old is your character?
Hometown: Where is your character from?
Nickname: Does your character have any nicknames they go by?
Manager: Does your character have a manager or will they eventually manage someone else?
ICWA Accomplishments: To fill out when you win a title or major match.
Non-IWCA Accomplishments: Has your superstar/vixxen held titles in other companies?
Face, Heel, or Tweener: Is your character a good guy (face), bad guy (heel), or neither (tweener)?
Style of Wrestling: Does your character prefer to make people tap out or are they a brawler?
Gimmick: is your character a cooky cultist or a street smart kid? Let us know!
ICWA Win-Draw-Loss Record: Starts at 0-0-0. First column gets updated when you win, second for draws, third for losses.
Current ICWA Feud: Updates each time your character is in a feud.
Finisher: What is the name of your finisher and what exactly is it?
Appearance: The basic picture of your superstar/vixxen. What do they wear to the ring?
Entrance: What song plays as they enter the ring? How does their entrance go?
Introduction Promo: Give us a taste of your character and what we can expect.

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