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5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos

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1 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Fri May 01, 2015 12:00 am



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2 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Sat May 02, 2015 2:38 am

The camera opens up on a shot of Daytona Beach Boardwalk in Daytona, Florida. People are having fun, drinking smoothies or eating ice cream, some even are out in the water. As the camera focuses more, we see Carter Lacroix waiting by a fence by a go-kart track. Next to him stands his little sister, Nolee Lacroix. Carter is dressed in blue board shorts with lime green lines going across them and a black tour shirt of his bands. On his head is a pair of sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap. Nolee, despite having the body for a bikini, is in a vintage polka dot one piece with blue jean shorts over the bottoms.

Carter: *calling out to the track, where Vance and Kip race* You get him Kip! Win us a free burger!

Nolee: *calls back* We got food ridin’ on this Vance! You better win!

The duo laughs as they watch, the two of them growing quiet before Nolee speaks up.

Nolee: Your very first real, televised wrestling match. How are you feeling about it?

Carter: Oh I’m ecstatic. I’ve wanted to be a wrestler almost as long as I’ve wanted to be a musician. The fact that it’s against someone just as unknown as I am? Great.

Nolee: Who are you going up against again?

Carter: Aussie Aaron Pearce. You know…some things he said in his intro kinda bothered me.

Nolee raises an eyebrow and turns her head to look at Carter.

Nolee: Oh? Like what?

Carter: He basically dissed where he came from. I mean, I suppose I can see where he’s coming from in some ways. Stereotyping is never fun. I mean, where I’m from people think that I’m all country music, racism, and incest.

Nolee: *rolls her eyes* I hate when people assume the worst. That people from the South are all prejudice and can’t just let people be themselves. I mean you’re-

Carter looks as if he’s trying to cut her off from saying anything, almost as if he’s afraid, but when she stops he lets out an audible breath.

Carter: Anyways, I can understand where he’s coming from. He just wants the world to realize that Australian’s aren’t all “throw another shrimp on the barbie” and “oh look mate, a kangaroo”. I can respect where he comes from on that aspect.

Nolee: He did say some good things about where he’s from. He talked nice about the horse carriage ride. And the zoo. So it wasn’t all bad things.

Carter: I guess not. But still, take some pride in the national landmarks of where you’re from. I mean, down in Nashville we have The Great Smoky Mountains.

Nolee: *sighs* I love the mountains. They are so great.

Carter: See? And while they may not be as perfect as they look on post cards, they’re still beautiful. That river that he showed us, well, it didn’t look god awful. But then again, I’ve never been there in person…

Nolee: Stop contradicting yourself! Do you like what he said about the landmark where he’s from or no?

Carter: No but-

Nolee: Then stick with no! Sheesh, sometimes you go back and forth Carter.

They laugh as the race finishes up on the track, Vance coming in first. The two boys jump out of their cars, shaking hands before joining up with Nolee and Carter. Vance is dressed in black board shorts decorated in gold tribal design and a blue muscle shirt, his baseball cap backwards on his head. Kip is wearing blue jeans and a white muscle shirt.

Vance: *high fives Nolee* Damn right on that! You boys owe us lunch!

Kip: You totally cheated on that last lap! You cut me off!

Nolee: The attendents didn’t say it was cheating, so it wasn’t. Boo-yah.

Carter rolls his eyes as they start heading toward the small resteraunt by the go-kart track.

Carter: Anyways, this is going to be a good match up for one reason and one reason only.

Vance: Because you rock?

Kip: Because you’re an inexperienced rookie who has no clue the hell his body is going to be in tomorrow morning?

Nolee: Because you just think everything rocks Carter?

Carter: *laughs* While Vance and Nolee have great opinions, and you’re just an idiot Kip, no. The reason is because I’ve got absolutely no idea what I’m getting myself into. I’ve never seen Aaron Pearce wrestle. I dunno anything about his technique other than the fact that he is a technician or a showman. It’s going to be a good fight out there. He doesn’t know anything about me. I’ve kept my wrestling career largely under wraps. I’ve done mostly independants, even more underground than ROH.

Vance: I know that. Seeing you two in ring is going to be fun, but you’re going to have to remember something.

Kip: That this is your first match and there’s no shame in losing? Because that’s a lie. There is shame. Lots of shame.

Nolee: Dishonor if you lose!

Carter looks so done with his siblings, running  a hand tiredly over his eyes.

Vance:  *shaking his head* You guys are just terrible. Don’t listen to them, Carter, if you lose, we’re still going to be here for you and we are still going to be extremely proud of you.

Carter: *smirks* It’s a damn good thing I’m not gonna lose to him, isn’t it?

The camera cuts out on the siblings laughing. Carter stands in the middle, one of his arms around Vance and Kips’ neck while Nolee walks next to Vance, his  arm around her and Carter’s shoulders while Kips arm is around Carter’s. The look of family and fun on their face reflects the feeling that we are matched with as we pan back onto the Daytona Boardwalk.

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3 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Wed May 06, 2015 11:24 pm

The camera slowly fades in on what looks to be a training ring, inside is former TNA star Alex Shelley and the rookie Dante Westmore. Alex is wearing a Motor City Machine Guns shirt, plain blue shorts and sneakers. Dante is wearing a Nexus shirt, black shorts and his wrestling shoes. The two are currently locked up in a hold as Alex walks Dante through each and every step, Alex carefully brings Dante to the mat as he starts showing him how to do the Border City Stretch. After a few minutes they change to Dante putting the Border City Stretch on Alex. After a few more minutes of trying counters Alex chuckles and taps for Dante to let go of the move, Dante smiles as he lets go. The two sit on the mat, Alex wipes the sweat off his forehead.

Alex: Damn kid you sure learn fast, just need to remember to add a little pressure and you'll have your opponent tapping out.

Dante: Thank you for showing me Sir.

Alex: *laughs softly before grinning* Please just call me Alex, Sir makes me sound old Kid and I'm not old yet.

Dante: *shy smile* Alright Alex, still I really want to thank you for taking time to train with me.

Alex: *pats his shoulder* It’s no problem, I'm glad to help out another young wrestler. You've got a lot of skill you know, you can switch styles when you need too and that’s a great thing to have when your in this business Kid. You got to be about to keep the opponent guessing, mat wrestle them one second before turning around and hitting an amazing high flying move or a great super kick. *gives a small grin* And the having a tag team partner who can do the same thing means we've got a damn good chance of winning our first ICWA match!

Dante: *gives a small nod before looking thoughtful* But we don't know much about our opponents, meaning we can't have too much of an advantage going into the match. We don't know who they are or what they can really do in that ring; all we can really know is that they are family. I'm guessing that means they might work really well in the ring together, but since we don't know for sure it might be wise to work on all the angles so we can make sure they don't sneak the victory on us.

Alex: *smiles at the young rookie* Very well said Dante, your right on all points there. That's why I figure we've got a good few days to try and get on the same wave length, make ourselves a strong tag team.

Dante: *smiles softly* I'm sure if we work hard we'll be able to do this, I just hope I can keep up in the ring.

Alex: *gives a cocky grin* You'll do great in the ring Dante, we're going to put on the best match of the night and nobody will be able to top us. *chuckles softly as he pulls himself up* So want run the ropes for a bit? Or work on some of the jumps?

Dante: *gets up as well* I'd like to work on some of the jumps I think.

Alex nods as he leans against the ropes to get a little boost in his run, the camera fading out as the two start working again.

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4 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Sat May 09, 2015 4:32 pm

The camera opens up on what appears to be Disney's Hollywood Studios before it shows our two beloved tag team partners: dressed for the occassion. On the left we see Garrett Richards wearing a short sleeved white shirt with a black vest over it and black slacks on. Next to him stands Amy Richards: a pair of Princess Leia buns with Mickey ears sticking out of the top on her head and wearing a white wrap dress. She puts her hands on her hips as she rocks back and forth.

Amy: Daaaaaaad! Can't the gates open yet?

Garrett: You are a grown woman, you need to stop...*laughing* oh who am I kidding, I'm excited tooo!

Amy: *laughs* Thanks again for taking me here! I love Disney and it's Star Wars!/color]

Garrett wraps an arm around her shoulders and chuckles.

Garrett: You know...I'm glad that I could finally take you to Disney World. I know that...that when you were a child we didn't exactly...

Amy: Shush. I know you weren't Dad of the Year when I was a kid, but you are now. You've tried to make up for not being there my entire life. I forgive you pops.

Garrett gives a small grin and rubs the back of his neck as the gates open up. Amy takes his hands and tugs him towards the opening as the guests start crowding in.

Amy: So, after breakfast I was thinking that we could ride Star Tours, see what characters are out doing meet and greets. Then we could head on over to The Rockin' Roller Coaster and then Tower of Terror. We'll do stuff in between, but I want to hit the main rides.

Garrett: We can't miss Toy Story Midway Mania or Great Movie Ride.

The two smile and look around, going inside some of the stores on the main strip.

Amy: So, are you ready for our very first tag team match in the ICWA?

Garrett: Of course I am! It's been waaaay too long since I've been out of the ring. I'm hoping that doesn't lead to ring rust.

Amy: We've been practicing every day this week. If anything, you're going to be better than I am. I mean, you're amazing!

Garrett: *chuckles* Well thanks kid. Buildin' me up here.

Amy: Well you deserve me. You've taught me, like, everything I know. You're the only reason I got into the wrestling business anyways, even before I got to know that you were my dad.

Garrett: Well I'm not going to let you down in that ring. From what I saw in Alex and Dante's promo, they work well together. The problem is they are a relatively new duo. I mean, Alex Shelley has been around a while but not as long as I have. Alex is a high flyer so if I take him down, I'm aiming for the legs.

Amy: I can match my style to keep up with Dante. With us being new, they don't know what we are capable of. We got this?

Garrett fist bumps Amy.

Garrett: We totally got this.

The camera cuts out on the duo as they continue to shop around the store, dressed like the duo they are. The camera is out before we hear.

Amy: Dad...I love you.

Garrett: *smirking by the sound of his voice* I know.

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5 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Mon May 11, 2015 5:13 pm

The camera fades on a small ring set up in an old abandon building; standing in the middle of the ring is a young woman with long black hair. She is dressed in short black dress with a white dragon on it, knee high black boots, a black silk choker with rose charm and a silver arm cuff resting high on her left arm. She gives a small grin as the camera moves closer and speaks her accent soft in the quiet air.

Angel: I am Angel James, a former ROH tag champ and a Shimmer champ. I am here to bring back women’s wrestling to its former glory. I'm here to prove that women can hang with the men and that we are just as good. I intend to go after the ICWA title and I will win it. I will be mostly unknown to my co-works and for a while I will keep it that way. *pauses with a small smirk* Keep everyone on their toes, both the men and the Vixxen's.

Angel slowly moves to lean against the ropes.

Angel: Now don't get me wrong, I respect all my future opponents. I even respect the girl I'm fighting this week, Nolee... *pauses with a frown* But honestly I just don't think this business means all that much to her, her main focus seems to be her music or flirting. See for me this business is all that matters to me, wrestling is my life and I put my all into it. I have since I was sixteen, I... *softly* I and my mother gave up a lot so I could finally live my dream and I'm going to do my hardest shine the brightest at the ICWA.

Angel gives a small grin.

Angel: Best keep your eyes on the future of women’s wrestling because I'm here to steal the show and I'm going to start this week!

Angel's grin grows as she gives an almost mocking bow before saying something softly in her native language as the camera fades out on her.

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6 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Wed May 20, 2015 8:48 am

A pair of dark, purple, sparkly boots is shown and the camera slowly pans upwards to show the ‘Y2J’ on each of them. Zooming out, the viewers are shown that, as suspected, the person wearing them is in fact Chris Jericho. He is sitting on a bench within a locker room, dressed in his ring gear and a black and silver jacket with lights decorating the silver, a smug look on his face.

Jericho: Soo, here we are. The first week of the ICWA. I am ready for my first match, which is by the way, a rather interesting one. There are a number of new kids who’ve been hired here, but despite the fact I’m in a match against two other people; neither of them are new. In fact, one of them has been wrestling professionally almost as long as I have. He also happens to be a damn good friend. That man of course, is known around here as Christian. *he grins* It’s always good fun going up against someone as talented and awesome as he is.

He laughs and brushes a hand through his hair.

Jericho: While Christian is great and always good to have a match with, my other opponent…I have rather mixed feelings about. I had the ‘pleasure’ of mentoring him briefly, but that didn’t really work out too well; he seemed to think he was above such a thing. There aren’t many wrestling veterans out there willing to mentor or even give genuine, useful advice to newcomers. Wade Barrett should have appreciated the gesture. I could have said no and left him to be picked up by some average guy who’s got far less experience in the world of professional wres- *he clears his throat* Sorry; ‘sports entertainment’. *he rolls his eyes* But I didn’t. I saw potential and tried to help bring it out and expand it.

Jericho sighs and takes a few steps before leaning against a wall.

Jericho: Regardless of any personal issues however, the match will be great. Any one of us could win to be honest, but I’ll be out there trying my hardest to make sure I win the damn thing; as the other two will if they have any sense. *he pauses for a moment, thinking* Barrett is strong and will likely say, or at least think his younger age is an advantage. Maybe so for some of the other older wrestlers…like those more prone to injuries for example; but not against Chris Jericho. I’m smart; I have decades of experience. I have…plenty of moves, including a variety of holds…

He smirks at the reference, crossing his arms before continuing.

Jericho: Y’now; despite me helping him through that ridiculous NXT stuff, I don’t think I’ve had all that many matches against Barrett, whereas with Christian; I’ve had so many he can probably read each other almost as well as he and Edge can. So…this’ll definitely be fun and interesting for sure. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.  

He steps away from the wall, glancing at something off screen, presumably a clock, as he mutters a sentence involving the words ‘time to go’. The rockstar then lowers his head and closes his eyes for a moment, mentally preparing himself for the upcoming match. Shortly after, he opens his eyes and does a few brief stretches before turning to head towards the door to the ring entrance ramp.

Jericho: *to himself, as the scene fades out* Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll…

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7 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Wed May 20, 2015 10:54 pm

The camera opens up on the popular Disney theme park Epcot, a place where countries combine in the World Showcase. Instead of showing the entire park, however, we immediately open up on the inside of Tutto Gusto wine cellar. Vance and Kip sit at the table already, dressed in the same way they were dressed in the promo with Carter, letting the viewer know these two happen in the same day. Carter comes to the table, leaning forward as he looks at his brothers.

Carter: You know we spoil her, right?

Kip: You. You spoil her. I was perfectly happy with just surprising her with the Magic Kingdom tomorrow. God knows I shelled out so much money booking Cinderella’s Royal Table for her so that she could eat with the princesses. You knew as much as I did going into this. Yet you were the one who caved when she asked if we could go to Epcot tonight. Epcot! It’s not even the fun park!

Vance: Um…Kip…you said when we got off Test Track that this was your favorite park.

Kip: Yeah, well, now I’m salty.

Carter rolls his eyes, waving down Nolee who comes over to sit with the boys at the table.

Nolee: The have the cutest things in the store over there! Like, they have beautiful venetian masks!

Carter: Of course sis. Remember, save some spending money for the rest of the week too.

Vance: *beams* I could buy it for you if you find something really cute!

Carter and Kip glare at Vance to tell him that he needs to shut up.

Nolee: Oh thanks bro! *smiles before looking at the menu* How about I treat everyone to wine here and ice cream at the Paris Pavilion?

Carter: *chuckles* Why not?

Vance: Sure, I’m in.

Kip: *grins wide* You spoil me.

Nolee orders multiple drinks for the group before turning her attention down to the menu to actually look at what they have for food.

Nolee: Ya know…ah’d never make it in Italy. Ah’m always t’ hesitant t’ try any new foods.

Vance: Pollo Insalate’s pretty good.

Carter: Not payin’ 11 bucks fer a salad. Ah’m goin’ fer the Lasagne Verde.

Kip: Actually Piatti Alla Parmigiana- Torino di Melanzane is the way to go.

Nolee hesitates and looks over the menu, licking her lips as she rubs the back of her neck.

Nolee: I’m actually gonna go to Prosciutto e Melone pizza.

Vance: Look at you, branching out of your norm.

Nolee: Well, I think it’s only fitting considering the fact that my opponent this week is branching from Italy into America.

Kip: That’s right, you got…uh….Angel James? Isn’t that an American name?

Nolee: Kip…that’s kinda racist. She’s from Italy. That makes her Italian. You know, her promo kinda irked me. She said that I was focused on my music and on flirting. Flirting. I have NEVER had a boyfriend, I don’t even think about any of that stuff just yet. My passions are wrestling and music, yeah, but I put my heart into both of them . I love wrestling. I respect where she’s comin’ from, I really do. But, ya wanna know what else? She doesn’t know my life. She doesn’t know how much of my own heart I’ve put into my professions.

Carter: You’ve been fighting us since you were a kid.

Vance: Always swung a mean left hook.

Kip: Remember that time you broke my nose? Cuz I still can’t get that out of my head.

Nolee laughs as she looks up at their waiter, placing the orders.

Nolee: So, like I was saying, I can respect where she’s coming from, but I’m not going to take it easy on her. I respect her enough to know that she’s not going to take it easy on me. I’m glad it’s her I’m stepping into the ring with. She already does and that’s going to work in my favor. She’s thinking that I’m some woman with blonde hair and blue eyes that only goes to the mall and doesn’t do anything else. My only thought is to prove how wrong she is.

Carter: Awww, that was such an inspirational speech.

Vance: You sounded like something out of a movie!

Kip: *going for the gritty question, not just praise* How are you going to approach her fighting style?

Nolee: Excuse me?

Kip: She’s a brawler. You’re good for a quick, short fight, sure. You always manage to do great against high flyers, but a brawler can take as much as they can give. What you’re doing is walking into a ring with someone who knows how to take a punch and can dish it back double.

Nolee rolls her eyes at her brother, face palming.

Nolee: Why is it that every time I seem so confident about something, you are usually the one to bring up the negative side of whatever I’m talking about?

Kip: Because I’m a realist.

Nolee: I fight well, I’m strong enough to kick ass. Is that what you’re getting at?

Kip: Gimme more, sis. C’mon, tell me about what you’re going to go out there and fight!

Carter: *warning* Kip….

Nolee: *a little bit louder* I’m going to kick her teeth down her throat? Is that what you want? God Kip, you’re not even a wrestler, you don’t know how the business works! I’m going to go out there and do everything I can to fight against her but I’m not going to take it any harder than I have to.

Kip: *a mischevious smile* That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to know what you weren’t going to hurt anyone more than you should. *rubs the back of his neck* Harsh what you said about me not knowing the business though.

Nolee: *frowns* You…you know I didn’t mean it Kip. You…I know it’s not your fault you aren’t a wrestler…

Kip: *small smile, trying to prove to his sister that he’s not hurt* I know….I know you didn’t mean it. I riled you up.

Vance: *clears his throat* How about we finish eating this and then we can go to that little shop you were telling us all about, okay Nolee?

There’s a slight pause between everyone, Nolee nodding her head as she looks at her brothers.

Nolee: Alright, alright.

The camera closes on the four siblings enjoying a nice supper.

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8 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Thu May 21, 2015 10:44 am

The camera fades in on a small wooded park; sitting on a blanket at the base of a large tree is two men. The camera moves closer to show that it is the wrestlers Christian and AJ Styles, the two are sitting close with Christian having his arm wrapped around AJ. They are both dressed plainly with Christian wearing an AJ Styles shirt, jeans and sneakers while AJ is wearing an ROH shirt, a plain baseball cap, jeans and sneakers. The camera moves a little closer to listen to the two wrestlers talk.

AJ: *smiles at Christian* So you excited about your first match at your new company babe?

Christian: *nods with a smile* I'd say I'm pretty excited, new place means a brand new start and lots of great matches to come. I've been checking out some of the tapes of the guys I haven't worked with yet and all of them looked great. I just can't wait to step into the ring with some of these kids, see just how well they do in real life.

AJ: *teases* Kids? You trying to sound like an old timer Jay?

Christian: *snorts* I do not sound like an old timer AJ...

AJ: *chuckles before stealing a gentle kiss* I'm just teasing babe, your very far from being an old timer and your far too handsome for anyone to even mistake you for one. *wraps an arm around Christian's waist* So did you ever tell me who your first match is against?

Christian: *smiles softly at AJ before giving a small shake of his head* Nope, just found out yesterday who I'm going to be in the ring with.

AJ: Who is it Jay?

Christian: Two people this week, Wade Barrett and Chris Jericho. *smiles* You know Chris already, we hang out a lot. I don't think you've ever met Wade though.

AJ: *nods* I don't think I've ever met Wade, I've seen some of his stuff on the TV though. *smiles* You must be happy to get to work more with Chris again.

Christian: Very excited to wrestle Chris again, it's always great working with one of my good friends. I know any match Chris and I have will turn out fun and the fans will love it. With me and Chris knowing each other’s moves so well it'll be interesting to see what tricks Chris decides to pull out of his bag for the match. Just one thing the two of us is going to have to watch out for.

AJ: *slight frown* You mean Wade Barrett right?

Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah Wade... I don't think we worked together often honestly and I only recall wrestling him a few times. Not to say that I never watched him wrestle, I've watched a lot of his matches in the past. But it’s one thing to watch and it's another to have worked with someone a lot.

AJ: It should at least help right? Watching him means you know the basics of his style and moves.

Christian: *nods in agreement* It should hopefully be a big help, I just hope it's enough to get me the first win of my ICWA career.

AJ: *smiles at him* You'll to great Jay; you always do when you step into the ring.

Christian smiles happily, pulling his boyfriend a little closed and AJ gives a sweet kiss. The camera fades out as the two continue to kiss, AJ's cap falling off right as the camera goes black.

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9 Re: 5-13-15 Wednesday Night Carnage Promos on Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:14 pm


The camera comes up on an extremely classy library. The walls are line to line with books, the curtains closed and the only source of light being a lamp on a side table. Sitting in the easy chair next to that table, a book open as he reads, is Wade Barrett. Wade is dressed impeccably in a gray suit with a red tie. A calm smile graces his lips and he looks eerily happy.

Wade: You’ve finally managed to track me down, have you? Welcome to my home away from home, right here in sunny Florida. I’ve lived here since my days in Florida Championship Wrestling, more affectionately called FCW.

There is a pause as he places his book on the table. We can see the title: Art of War.

Wade: I find it fitting that my first match is against Jericho and Christian. The bad news lies ahead for them. Let me start with Christian. He spent his promo in the arms of AJ Styles. You know, he shocked me. He said that we hadn’t worked together a lot. We had a few decent matches when I was a rookie in NXT. Christian’s rookie Heath Slater is one of my closest friends. I’ll never forgive Christian for taking him lightly. Heath could have been a better wrestler, not that he isn’t amazing now, if Christian would have shown any support. Then again, Christian’s so old that his mind is starting to slip. Sad fact, truly it is. I’m going to send him down with one well placed Bullhammer. Maybe that will jog his age addled brain about who I am. That leaves me with him.

There is a silence where Wade looks furious, his eyes cold. Large hands fold up on his lap and he begins his speech.

Wade: NXT was the part of my life that changed everything. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, my two best friends, were main roster. I was ready to join them but creative placed me on NXT. I was extremely proud of getting to work with Chris Jericho. He was a Canadian legend, a foreigner who had made it big in America, someone I could have learned a lot from since I related to him so well. But was he truly interested in training hme? No! He worried about himself and not me. I was a symbol of status. That’s the reason I will never forgive him for my mistreatment. The way he and other people treated their rookies is how The Nexus grew. I’m going to get the proper revenge against him that I should have. That one Bullhammer I’m going to give to Christian? I’m not going to stop delivering Bullhammers to Jericho until the referee pulls me away. I’m going to destroy him for how he treated me, for how I ended up.

The camera closes in on Wade and he cracks his knuckles.

Wade: Bad News Jericho. You’re not going to walk out of this match if I have anything to do with this.

The camera closes on Wade’s cold smirk.

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