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Grading Scale

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1 Grading Scale on Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:34 pm


This is so people don't think the grader is biased! Each promo is graded on the following as a scale of 1-10.

Quality of Content- Is it nice and well written?

Neatness/Spelling/Grammar- is the layout neat? Is spelling, except for speech patterns (i.e: Southern accents cut off g's in words) correct? Is grammar correct?

Logic- does the promo follow a logical course of thought?

Creativity- Is it creative?

Does It Get To The Point?- Does it take too long to make it's point?

Character- Is it in the persons character, as far as we have seen in the past, to do the promo this way?

Length- In retaliation to content, can you justify ten pages or just a paragraph?

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