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Angel James

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1 Angel James on Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:50 am

Name: Angel James
Height: 5.8
Weight: 119
Age: 24
Hometown: Italy
Nickname: None
Manager: No Manager
ICWA Accomplishments: To fill out when you win a title or major match.
Non-CWA accomplishments: Shimmer Champion and former ROH tag champ
Type (Face or Heel): Tweener
Style of Wrestling: Mixed style
Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): Rocker/goth look but stong addittude
ICWA Win-Draw-Loss Record: Starts at 0-0-0. First column gets updated when you win, second for draws, third for losses.
Current ICWA Feud: Updates each time your character is in a feud.
Finisher: The Twista (A twist of fate), this cutter variation sees the wrestler first lock his opponent in a front facelock or an inverted front facelock. The wrestler then pivots 180° and catches the opponent in a three quarter facelock with their free arm before falling down into the cutter.
Entrance: I Like It - Lacuna Coil, she comes out with an energy that isn't too hyper and she poses at that top of the ramp for the fans before starting down. She touches a few of the fans hands before climbing onto the outside of the ring and giving another pose before climbing into the ring.
Introduction Promo: The camera fades on a small ring set up in an old abandon building, standing in the middle of the ring is a young women dressed in short black dress with a white dragon on it. She gives a small grin as the camera moves closer and speaks, her accent soft.

Angel: I am Angel James, a former ROH tag champ and a Shimmer champ. I am here to bring back womens wrestling to its former glory. I'm here to prove that women can have with the men and that we are just as good. I intend to go after the ICWA title and I will win it. I will be mostly unknown to my co-works and for a while I will keep it that way.

Angel's grin grows as she gives an almost mocking bow before saying something softly in her native langage as the camera fades out on her.

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