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Alex Shelley

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1 Alex Shelley on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:34 am

Name: Alex Shelley
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 215 lb
Age: 25
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Nickname: Some people call him Lex
Manager: He is sometimes managed by friend Chris Sabin
ICWA Accomplishments: To fill out when you win a title or major match.
Non-IWCA Accomplishments: TNA X Division Champ, TNA World Tag Team Champ
Face, Heel, or Tweener: Tweener
Style of Wrestling: Combo of ground attack, high flying, technical and bit of other styles
Gimmick: A funny and liked guy but he likes to insult and will often
ICWA Win-Draw-Loss Record: Starts at 0-0-0. First column gets updated when you win, second for draws, third for losses.
Current ICWA Feud: Updates each time your character is in a feud.
Finisher: Sliced bread no 2, is a backflip three-quarter facelock falling inverted DDT and has a wrestler put the opponent in a three-quarter facelock and run up the corner turnbuckles or ring ropes and jump backwards, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving the opponent back-first down to the mat.
Entrance: The High Crusade - Whatever's Real, he comes out with an excited vibe to him. He points both hands like a gun as he makes his way down to the ring, climbing into the with a bit of a jump. He climbs one of the turnbuckles before he throws up his hand and points to where Detroit is on his palm, he jumps back down as his music finishes.
Introduction Promo:

The camera fades in on a empty bar where there is a group setting up on a stage, one of the men on the stage spots the camera and jumps from the stage and heads over to the camera. It's former TNA Wrestler Alex Shelley, he gives a small grin as he sits down on one of the tables.

Alex: Your here about the ICWA right? *he waits while the cameraman nods* Well your a little later, but hey at least you made it before the show. So I suppose you want to get a few words, maybe why I joined the ICWA or what are my plans? Well thats simple I joined the ICWA to wrestle, I want a freah ring to fight in and I figured ICWA would be a good place to go. And as for my plans it's simple, I'm here to win... I'm going to go after the ICWA title and I'm going to win it. *gives a confident smirk* I'm going to show everyone that Detroit made wrestlers are the best.

He jumps off the table and turns away from the camera and heads up towards the stage again.

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